CYS Group: Upscaling Market Research SaaS

CYS has been in the business of market research for 15 years. Starting as a market research service provider, in more recent times they’ve remodeled themselves as a tech-driven company, providing software as a service (SaaS), and offering other companies the tools they need for effective market research. 

Utilizing Proshore’s ready-to-code dev teams gave CYS Group the capacity they needed to remodel and accelerate their roadmap for change.

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Market Research


The challenge

Helping companies to improve their customers’ experience and business results, CYS’s audacious goal is to develop world-class software for collecting, combining, and visualising insights from customer, employee, and business data. 

CYS offers a complete software solution, combining relevant data from customers, employees, and businesses. Customizable programs enable companies to prioritise their improvements, from customer feedback monitoring to employee engagement research. 

Their intuitive system offers a wide range of market research solutions, including storytelling, feedback loops, multi-channel questionnaires, quality checklists, and audits. All of this, plus cutting-edge reporting and visualizations, make CYS an appealing ‘experience’ solution. 

So how did Proshore’s remote software team enable CYS to scale up development of their SaaS (Software as a Service)? 

Partnership result

We filled CYS group’s development capacity needs to build and ship their new product modules at a much faster time-to-market.


The solution​

With Proshore’s development team as a service, companies have the flexibility and ability to control their capacity, dialing up when more developers are needed and dialing down at less demanding phases of the process.

Traditionally, there were two ways to do this: turn to agencies, which offer developers at a premium, or undertake expensive talent acquisition and onboarding. Our solution is to offer remote teams that can quickly assimilate into your own organization, and seamlessly fill the extra-capacity.

So Proshore offered CYS the capacity they needed to build dotNET and cloud services using Angular. Our team was onboarded to provide data warehousing, dashboarding, and infographics models, in a scalable and flexible way.

The way we work at Proshore is that we deploy teams to tackle challenges, working in partnership, and scaling up and down as needed. With CYS, we set up a scrum across different project domains, and met to exchange information, working closely with other remote teams.

Proshore was able to provide a diverse multidisciplinary team, including a scrum master, software development, and quality assurance.


The SaaS research platform is built on .NET, Angular, and Kendo as its software architecture.


The impact

With assistance from Proshore, CYS was able to launch faster, and better serve their customers. Giving a boost to CYS’ roadmap, Proshore was able to help create an interesting and versatile piece of software, which offers complete flexibility around dashboards, and visual data representation.

With CYS based in the Netherlands and India, and Proshore based in Nepal, the integration between these teams was a real achievement. Although based remotely, the teams were able to have a productive and dynamic working relationship.

It was great to be able to help CYS move along their roadmap, and help them reach a key milestone in their overall business growth. The platform is at a mature stage, helped in no small part by a winning collaboration with Proshore.

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