How Proshore helped Surebird take flight

These days, almost everyone is familiar with insurance comparison sites. They’re great for getting the best price on insurance. However, when an existing insurance policy comes up for renewal, users have two choices: repeat the comparison process or miss out on the best-value insurance products. It’s amazing how many people choose the latter.

Surebird offers a better alternative. This innovative tech startup compares insurance policies daily and arranges to switch customers when there’s a better offer. It’s a smart solution, requiring complex tech. To get its tech to market on time, Surebird turned to Proshore’s cost-effective coding expertise.

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A software development partner in the Netherlands let us down at the last minute. With an investor-imposed deadline, the pressure was on. We looked at 6 companies. With their expertise and competitive pricing, Proshore won out.
Taco van Wachem, Founder of Surebird
Taco van Wachem, Surebird

The challenge

Surebird’s technology compares multiple insurance policies across different insurance types to provide customers with continuous access to the best deals. Taking the hassle out of renewing insurance policies, whilst saving customers time and money, is a brilliantly simple idea that required the development of a sophisticated algorithm. 

One of the main technical challenges was the need for a robust and reliable connection with vast quantities of ever-changing insurance policy data – presented to users within the platform itself and via notifications. Another unique feature was the ability for customers to buy a package of insurance policies from different providers in order to find the cheapest possible combination. To facilitate this, Surebird needed a complex algorithm to crawl insurance data from different providers and retrieve the best quotes.

At the same time, as a tech startup based in the Netherlands, Surebird faced an all too common challenge – recruiting the best tech talent at the right cost. Like many other tech startups (and scale-ups) a skills shortage in the country – and the wider European Union (EU) – led the Surebird founders to look for opportunities to outsource development of their MVP. However, putting together a remote development team using freelancers was complicated and time-consuming. There was also the question of reliability and security of contracting freelancers. 

With the backing of EIT Digital, an European Investment Fund co-funded by the European Union, group of private investors, a group of insurance agents, and the largest insurance company in The Netherlands, Surebird was financially ready to get off the ground. What they needed was a cost-effective, proficient, and proven development team as a service. Enter Proshore!

Taco and team working in Surebird office
A lot of software products can take more time than expected. In order to minimize this risk, we decided to take the offer from Proshore because they could provide the hours we needed, at the right price.
Taco van Wachem, Founder of Surebird
Taco van Wachem, Surebird

Partnership result

We helped Surebird speed up time-to-market from concept to launch – allowing them to reach their investor-imposed deadline and achieve business targets through an MVP.


The solution​

Offering a pool of ready-trained tech talent based in Nepal – from Scrum masters through to designers – Proshore was ready to answer the call from Surebird. 

With ready-to-code developers primed and waiting to get started, a team was hand-picked to match skills and expertise with Surebird’s technical needs. This meant that development could begin quickly, enabling Surebird to meet the tight deadline imposed by investors for an MVP. Not only that, it was a self-managed team, with Surebird’s CTO in the role of Product Owner. 

Work on the MVP began in November 2022, and a complex algorithm was developed to search each insurance provider, retrieve the most competitive offer, and put together the lowest priced package. By February 2023, the MVP was on the market. It was a fast turnaround.


The platform makes use of React and Node.js for its software architecture, PostgreSQL for database management, and Risk API to collect insurance data. Additionally, Docker was trusted for local development and Heroku was trusted to host the algorithm-powered InsurTech.

These developers are good at what they do, and at a competitive price compared with the Netherlands. It’s been a good choice to work with Proshore.
Taco van Wachem, Founder of Surebird
Taco van Wachem, Surebird

The impact

By working with Proshore, Surebird was able to launch an MVP on time and then start the next iteration. With the wheels in motion, work began on the next phase of development, making improvements to the UI and UX based on feedback from stakeholders, and adding priority features. 

Bringing in Proshore early on meant Surebird had the development capacity it needed to get started. The founders are now in a position where they can slowly start to build their own in-house team, taking a hybrid approach to development.

In future sprints, the development team will focus on refining the onboarding process, and lightening the load on users to input personal data before searching for the best deals. There will also be improved analytics so that the company has clear oversight of the user experience, and can easily identify where improvements can be made.

There’s no question that Proshore’s awareness and understanding of Surebird’s wider business goals and milestones were key to Proshore’s approach to development. We look forward to seeing where Surebird will go next.  

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