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3 minutes

Our Culture Club: Bridging The Gaps

With offices in both Eindhoven and Kathmandu, Proshore is a company born out of international entrepreneurship. And while we’re helping software companies to sustainably scale using our unique ‘development teams…
Sumit Shrestha
Digital Marketer
4 minutes

The Netherlands + Nepal = Proshore

Co-located in the Netherlands and Nepal, Proshore was founded in 2009. Its mission is to create sustainable and highly skilled jobs for people in Nepal by offering managed development teams…
Sumit Shrestha
Digital Marketer

IT developer in practice: “Proshore is a well managed IT company”

Sakar Khatiwada is Web developer at Proshore, we interviewed him together with Software Developer, Sushant Shah. Sakar has been much longer with the company, whereas Sushant has been with us for 6 months.
Prakash Bhusal

Proshore’s 10th anniversary- Walking together with technology

Proshore celebrates its anniversary every year in style. We believe celebrating the anniversary with the team members creates a strong bond with each other and develops team-building activities.
Roshan Bhattarai
Director of Operations

IT job in Nepal: “We want team members to look forward to Mondays”

Proshore provide an open culture and flexible working environment, where the team doesn’t have to worry about ‘nine to five’. They believe if you love your work then you don’t have to work a single day
Prakash Bhusal