Category: Agile Development

5 reasons why companies choose monolith over microservices

Despite the popularity of microservices, there’s still a place for monolith architecture. Here are 5 reasons why you go monolith over microservices.
Bikalpa Thapa
Web Developer
6 minutes

7 best practices for Cloud Computing

Cloud computing gives companies a number of strategic advantages. But it’s not right for everyone. Here’s our guide of its best practices.
Babish Shrestha
Director of Technology

11 best practices for Cypress Automation

At Proshore, Cypress is part of our continuous improvement and delivery (CI/CD) model – here are 11 tips & tricks presented by our Lead QA Engineer regarding Cypress automation.
Binaya Dhungana
QA Engineer
3 minutes

What it’s like being a QA Automation Engineer

Tap into the experiences of our various QA Automation Engineers and gain insights through them on where automation can add the most value.
Binaya Dhungana
QA Engineer

Why Cypress is used for QA Testing at Proshore

Learn from Binaya, our Lead QA Engineer, why Cypress is our go-to powerful automated testing tool for end-to-end and component testing in projects utilizing modern JS frameworks.
Binaya Dhungana
QA Engineer
4 minutes

KSS: Migrating from manual to automated QA testing

Software testing is a method that checks whether the actual software products match expected requirements, are defect-free, and can be released in the market. For a long time, these testing…
Sumit Shrestha
Digital Marketer