Category: Agile Development

5 reasons why companies choose monolith over microservices

The benefits of deploying microservices over traditional monolith architecture are well known – they’re much easier to scale, and more resilient if one service fails. This begs the question: is…
Bikalpa Thapa
Web Developer
6 minutes

7 best practices for Cloud Computing

Cloud computing – the delivery of computer services and resources over the Internet –  gives companies a number of strategic advantages. But before diving in, it’s worth having a clear…
Babish Shrestha
Director of Technology

11 best practices for Cypress Automation

Faster and more efficient QA testing enables new, high-quality products and features to reach the market sooner. For that reason, there are many tools and technologies on the market that…
Binaya Dhungana
QA Engineer
3 minutes

What it’s like being a QA Automation Engineer

There are many career paths to take in software development. Quality Assurance (QA) is a popular choice for developers looking to specialize in quality and reliability. It’s also common for…
Binaya Dhungana
QA Engineer

Why Cypress is used for QA Testing at Proshore

Cypress is a powerful testing tool for Quality Assurance (QA) engineers and developers using modern JavaScript frameworks including React, Angular, and Vue. It’s commonly used for both end-to-end and component…
Binaya Dhungana
QA Engineer
5 minutes

Proshore: A lean mean Agile machine

What started out in 2001 as a manifesto for better ways of developing software, has since become a business buzzword. From marketing to human resources, many sectors now claim to…
Milan Khanal
Scrum Master