Category: Case Studies

5 minutes

How Proshore brought ethical AI assistance into interviewstream

Recruitment platform, interviewstream, has a strong suite of tools to simplify the hiring process and optimize the candidate experience. They also have a pre-existing partnership with Proshore.  > interviewstream case…
Viraj Shrestha
Scrum Master
6 minutes

How we built a Powerful and Customizable Dashboard for a Market-Research SaaS

Let’s say you’re looking for a front-end team who can handle a complex and customizable customer-facing dashboard in Angular. Finding the right tech talent locally might be a challenge. But…
Atul Shrestha
Web Developer
3 minutes

Driving eCommerce excellence through innovative software development

When it comes to software development, sometimes a challenge can’t be solved by an out-of-the-box solution. Instead, it requires thinking outside the box. That’s exactly what was required when Proshore…
Bipin Manandhar
Lead Developer
3 minutes

Digital Product Labs: How Proshore helped sync listings & orders across Etsy & Shopify

If you’re a manufacturer or retailer with products appearing on a single retail site, then updating your product feeds is a straightforward task. But what if your products appear on multiple merchant sites?...
Sumit Shrestha
Digital Marketer

Hiring a single developer while reaping the rewards of an entire team

Sometimes, you only need a single developer to help create your online product or platform. However, since they must possess very specific knowledge and experience, they can be quite hard…
Jeroen van der Horst
Account director