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10 minutes

Proshore Bootcamp: A premier IT mentorship program in Nepal

Proshore Bootcamp addresses many of the shortcomings when compared to a regular coding bootcamp, IT training classes, or even, IT undergraduate. and graduate courses in Nepal. If we have to…
Krishma Shrestha
HR Manager
4 minutes

KSS: Level up your website with Hotjar

Digital companies spend a lot of time, money, and effort on creating a website. Being the focal point for prospective customers to get information and buy products or services, a…
Sumit Shrestha
Digital Marketer

KSS: How to use Blackfire to monitor the performance of PHP application

As a PHP developer, ‘Blackfire’ might be a name you have come across before or maybe not even heard of. For our resident PHP expert, Angel Maharjan, it was a…
Sumit Shrestha
Digital Marketer
6 minutes

7 common mistakes in IT outsourcing – and tips to avoid making them

As more and more companies seek to reduce operational costs in areas such as managing enterprise applications and software development, the IT outsourcing sector is experiencing a period of sustained…
Jeroen van der Horst
Account director

Doing business in Nepal

Why is Proshore based in Nepal? Why do our developers stay there, instead of us bringing Nepalese talent back to the Netherlands? After all, there are plenty of jobs for…
Jeroen van der Horst
Account director

Nepalese IT students can really build the country

IT students can do valuable internships at our company. During three months we give them real projects, and make them ready for their next challenge. I really believe that they can build our country
Roshan Bhattarai
Director of Operations