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We needed a really reliable development partner. I feel that with Proshore we’ve found it. And if we need to scale up the team, that’s also possible.
Hardy de Heer, European Operations Manager at Psyflix
Hardy de Heer, Psyflix
European Operations Manager

Trusted by leading companies, Proshore has a proven track record of delivering exceptional development solutions.

What is a Dedicated Development Team?

The term ‘dedicated team’ is mostly associated with offshore outsourcing as development partners look to provide a more relevant term for the solutions provided. 

So, a “Dedicated Development Team” is a cohesive unit of skilled professionals exclusively assigned to your project. They work as an extension of your in-house team, ensuring seamless communication, alignment with your goals, and successful delivery of your project.

Dedicated development team structure

The composition of a dedicated development team is directly related to the project scope, complexity, and budget. Mainly dependant on these three factors along with other decisions as in technology and industry – a dedicated development team can consist of various tech professionals brought together to ensure project success.

Here are the typical roles within a dedicated team structured for optimal efficiency, collaboration, and specialization.

Project Manager



Quality Assurance

Team Lead

DevOps Engineers

Product Owners

Support and operations

For a detailed overview of the dedicated team structure, check out our comprehensive guide on the dedicated development team model.

Dedicated development teams by Proshore

Proshore’s agile teams cover a wide tech stack and are equipped with the latest tech and methodologies to deliver exceptional results. Our dedicated development teams are tailored to your project requirements, scalable, and match your growth stage.

Teams for scaling product

Get a team that moves fast, helps you validate new ideas, and knows how to build features based on customer feedback.

Teams for the enterprise

Free more time for your in-house devs. Scale development with a team that understands and follows processes.

While the composition varies according to the client’s requirements, each project is managed by a Scrum Master who relieves micro-managing and HR responsibilites,

  • Ensures the project runs smoothly
  • Bridges the gap between PO/CTO/Founder and technical team members, and 
  • Takes charge of project delivering while keep the business goals in mind. 

We also suggest a minimum of 3 team members – 1 Senior Developer, 1 Junior Developer, and 1 Scrum Master to get flexible and transparent engagement, allowing you to focus on strategic decisions while our experts handle the technical intricacies.

When to hire a dedicated team?

Whether you’re launching a new project, scaling up existing operations, or seeking specialized skills, a dedicated development team like the ones provided by Proshore is the ideal choice.

Just ask yourself the following questions – 

  • Do we lack inhouse expertise?
  • Do we need flexible and scalable capacity on short notice?
  • Are we limited by budget constraints?

If any one or more of the above are true for your software development project, you need a dedicated development team. Get more details on when you should consider outsourcing development to a dedicated team.

How to hire a Dedicated Team from Proshore?

While there are many ways to choose and many platforms where you can find dedicated teams, getting a dedicated development team onboard from Proshore is easy.

Get a customized plan that addresses your challenges

Jeroen and the team analyse your challenges to come up with a customized plan and proposal based on what you need.

Meet your new team

Your plan covers setting up team roles and tasks. Babish, our CTO, assembles the best team available from our talent pool and shares it with you for approval.

2-month trial period

Test your team’s output during a 60-day trial period. Not happy with someone? We work with you to replace them at no extra cost.

Expand or scale down

Add new talent to your team or scale down based on your goals and roadmap. No recruiting, hiring or HR paperwork.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of hiring a dedicated development team is based on project scope and complexity. Most dedicated team providers offer a personalized quote, free of cost when enquired. 

Similarly, at Proshore, our pricing is transparent and based on the scope, duration, and team structure required for your project. For reference, a minimum team of 3 with a Senior Laravel Developer, 1 Junior Laravel Developer, and a Scrum Master starts at 10,000 USD monthly.

Dedicated hiring and freelance hiring represent distinct approaches to acquiring external talent for software development projects:

Dedicated Hiring

  • Involves long-term commitment with the client and the dedicated team provider.
  • Offers a pre-vetted team structure where the client has more control over roles and responsibilities.
  • Ensures consistent resource availability and deep integration into the client’s workflow.
  • Provides scalability and flexibility to adjust team size based on project needs.

Freelance Hiring

  • Typically involves short-term engagements with freelancers hired on a project basis.
  • Relies on individual contractors who work independently with varying skill levels and availability.
  • Offers flexibility but may lack integration into the client’s workflow and team dynamics.
  • Requires thorough vetting and screening processes to ensure freelancer suitability.

More often than not freelance hiring is a short-term fix for defined tasks. Dedicated hiring, with the right provider like Proshore, becomes an extension of your existing team with all the benefits of offshore outsourcing and no disadvantages of hiring inhouse.

Our ready-to-code development teams model was present before the term ‘dedicated teams’ became popular. Through experience and expertise in offshore outsourcing across various industries, Proshore’s dedicated development teams are well-equipped to become extensions of your own teams – capable of taking development ownership and freeing up resources to focus on business development.

Managing a dedicated development team effectively involves:

  • Setting clear goals, expectations, and timelines.
  • Establishing strong communication channels and using appropriate tools.
  • Providing necessary resources, support, and empowerment to team members.
  • Encouraging collaboration, knowledge sharing, and a positive team culture.
  • Offering regular feedback, recognition, and monitoring of progress and performance.
  • Remaining adaptable to changes and continuously iterating processes for improvement.

With Proshore, a dedicated Scrum Master on your dedicated development team takes care of the above. 

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