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Benefits of offshore web development

With Proshore as an offshore web development partner, you can rest assured to be beneficiaries of the following;

Without proshore
With a Proshore team
Wb developers are hard to find
Pick from a pool of 3000+ vetted web developers
Paying full salaries for talents you rarely need
Add specific talent to your team without full-time hiring
Developer turnover kills your momentum
Get a team that’s thrilled to work with you long-term
Interviewing and hiring takes too much time
We do the hiring — no HR paperwork needed
Competitors and tech giants poach your talent
Your team is safe and incentivized to stay with you
More devs means more micromanaging
Get a self-managed team that can operate on their own
Local talent is scarce and expensive
Build a team at half the price vs Europe and the US
It is so difficult to properly master the development process. On top of that, Dutch talent is very hard to find. The high demand for skilled developers is reflected in their rates. As a startup, you simply don't have the necessary budget to attract top talent in the Netherlands.
Bart Nijssen, Blinqed
Co-Owner & Platform Strategist
Proshore just blew us away with their approach. They were really professional, and they came with a detailed presentation of how they were going to run their team and work with us. And they became partners with us. Not just a vendor.
Ryan Royal, interviewstream
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
We started with one person and we scaled up fairly quickly to the second and now to the third. The whole onboarding process was so quick that it's just impossible to do it yourself when hiring someone.
Martijn Snels, Founder of Pluscloud
Martijn Snels, Pluscloud
Founder - Director CX
Anjana Prajapati
Senior Web Developer
Pranaya Shrestha
Senior PHP Developer
Ashish Tamrakar
Senior UX Desinger
Kamal P. Timalsina
Sr. Dot Net Developer

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      Frequently asked questions​

      With so many outsourcing and freelance options available, it may not be as easy to figure out the actual cost of offshore web development. The first step in determining this cost would be to confirm your web development needs. 

      In your discovery call with our Account Director, Jeroen van der Horst, we help turn your web development needs into requirements if you are unsure about how many or whom to hire. 

      If you are already certain of your web development requirements, we also have various cost calculators (like the one above) that can help you ascertain how much you can save compared to your locality’s development rates.

      Offshore web developers and development teams can be found all over the world. However, Eastern Europe, South America, and Asia are popular offshore destinations. To learn more, read our article on which countries offer the best offshore developers.

      1. Technical proficiency: Look for developers who have a strong foundation in programming languages and can demonstrate proficiency in the web development frameworks and tools you use (or should be using).
      2. Experience: Has the web developer, development team, or offshore company worked on similar projects to what you require? In case you find an offshore company that you really like but they do not have past experience in your domain, you could also check how diverse their past projects involvements have been – a diverse portfolio shows that the company can adapt to the project at hand.
      3. Communication: Fluent communication in English or your first language ensures that requirements are understood, issues are resolved, responses are prompt, and, most importantly, that the project runs smoothly.
      4. Detail-oriented: Analyze the project proposal and conversations with the developer – are they customized to your project and the requirements you have provided? Attention to detail brings confidence to the ability of the developer to provide the expected output, if not more!
      5. Problem-solving: Problems, issues, and bugs can arise at any given time. The offshore developer should be able to quickly screen, analyze and provide creative solutions.
      6. Project management: Offshore developers should have the ability to manage projects, including time and resource management, scope management, and risk management. For peace of mind, Proshore provides a dedicated Scrum Master or self-managed Developer so that all parties can focus on what they do best.
      7. Testing and debugging: Developers that have experience in testing and debugging web applications reduce dependencies and allow for quicker completion.
      8. Up-to-date knowledge: In the ever-evolving field of tech, updated developers can add that cutting-edge to a product/service. 
      9. Collaboration: Given that this is a remote working situation, an offshore web developer should be able to collaborate effectively with you and your team members.

      By evaluating these skills, you can ensure that you hire competent offshore web developers who can deliver quality work and contribute to the success of your project.

      Babish & Jeroen
      Save up on time-to-market and (in)direct costs with offshore web development