Scale your development realize your goals

Engage a whole group of talented software development engineers adjusted to your requirements—a team dedicated to meet your challenges without extra management efforts needed.

Our self managed teams help companies grow and be more competitive while honouring the three P’s: People, Partner & Process.
People are at the forefront of everything
we do —if there is no value to your customers, why are we doing it?

We strongly believe in collaborating with our partners and amplifying each other’s strengths. The process determines the result; that’s why we always try to find ways to optimise.

Teams as a service in numbers

The results our customers experiencing expressed in hard numbers. 

78 %

Cost- effectiveness

Compare to traditional hiring.


Qualified developers ready for hire

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Measures the amount of effort made by our customers to get a task completed. Scale 1-5.


Net Promotor Score

Measures Client satisfaction.
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Hiring a single developer while reaping the rewards of an entire team

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A remote development team: what are the pros and cons?

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