Speed up go-to-market — leave competitors eating dust

Clear your backlog, accelerate development and cut down your time-to-market with an extended team that thinks, communicates and delivers like your own.

They trust us to build and manage their remote dev teams


You don’t have to miss opportunities to slow product development

You have ambitious goals

And your investors, too.

You’ve set a date for the launch and got everyone excited. But challenges start piling up. Things they told you would take “two weeks tops” are still not completed after a full month.

Competitors are catching up. Your heart sinks every time they announce new features on social media.

Customers who said yes to upcoming features want out of their contracts.

Launch date is looming and keeping you up at night.

And the backlog keeps getting bigger​

It’s time to get more help — you say, convinced.​

But developers are impossible to find. And if you do find good candidates, recruiters steal them before they write a single line of code.

Paying full salaries for people you need only a few hours per week will eat your runway.

And when you try freelancers, you have to dance around their availability, their schedule and their commitment to seeing your projects through before they disappear.

How would business look like if dev could keep up with your vision?

If instead of adding new cards to the TO DO column, you see them moving to DONE.

Imagine getting on-demand help from experts without having to hire them or paying consultant fees…

And tapping into a pool of +2500 trained devs, ready to speed up your projects and help you hit deadlines…

Or deal with your backlog, freeing your core team to focus on big-brain stuff.

That’s what Proshore does for you

Pick your on-demand team of experts from a pool of +2500 devs, ready to code your vision into shape.

A team that works as your own

We listen to your unique business case and build a specific team to deliver your go-to-market plan.


Onboard new devs in days, not weeks

Devs are pre-selected and trained, speeding up onboarding whenever you need new talent.


Do more without adding to your workload

You won’t have to micromanage your team or spend hours reviewing sloppy code.

We started with one person and we scaled up fairly quickly to the second and now to the third. The whole onboarding process was so quick that's just impossible to do it yourself when hiring someone. We went from «We need someone» to getting extra work in the upcoming period. And the speed Proshore acted on this was really amazing.
Martijn Snels, Founder of Pluscloud
Martijn Snels
Founder at pluscloud
78 %

Cost- effectiveness

Compare to traditional hiring.

3000 +

Qualified developers ready for hire

4 of 5

Customer Effort Score

Measures the amount of effort made by our customers to get a task completed. Scale 1-5.


Net Promoter Score

Measures Client satisfaction.

How we help
scale up development


Planning your critical milestones and how we’ll reach them


Bringing in specific talent without hiring dedicated people


Taking HR, hiring, recruiting, coaching and payroll off your hands

Tech fit

Using the same tools you’re already using or suggesting new ones

Team creation

Setting up roles and how everyone supports each other

Cultural fit

Getting an english-speaking team that sticks with you for the long-term


Keeping stakeholders in the loop at all times


Working with devs, testers, DevOps and Scrum Masters


Leading your remote team so you don’t have to micromanage

Quick wins

Clearing your backlog faster with an extended team

Stop missing business opportunities​

Stop missing business opportunities

Let’s grow together: your business, your tech and the Nepalese talents we’re creating sustainable jobs for.