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Dedicated developers work exclusively on a particular project or set of tasks within a company, accelerating the development runway they are a part of. Their expertise and experience are directly related to the development project’s scope, tech, complexity, and many other factors.

When to hire dedicated developers?

Hiring dedicated developers offshore is a strategic move for many tech companies, mostly based in Western countries, facing challenges in sourcing skilled talent locally. The move can be ideal when facing either one or more of the following scenarios,

Need to accelerate project timeline?

Add capacity to your development team.

Expertise not available inhouse?

Onboard Devs with required specialized skills.

Devs required immediately?

Meet project demands with ‘scalable’ easy fix.

When the right dedicated developer is added to existing teams or takes up specific projects/tasks, it helps companies stay competitive in the rapidly evolving tech landscape and meet customer demands. There’s the added benefit of dedicated developers being cost-effective when hired offshore. The best part is that there’s no compromise on quality or efficiency.

How to hire dedicated developers?

Hiring dedicated developers like any developer, inhouse or offshore, can be complicated without proper planning. To ensure successful hiring of dedicated developers, use the checklist below,

  • Define project needs: Clearly outline your project requirements, including the skills and expertise required for success.
  • Identify required skills: Determine the specific technical skills and experience levels needed for your project, whether it’s PHP development, full-stack expertise, or other specialized areas.
  • Consider cultural fit: Look for developers who align with your company culture and values, ensuring smooth collaboration and integration into your team.
  • Craft a detailed job description: Create a comprehensive job description highlighting the responsibilities, qualifications, and benefits of the role to attract top talent.
  • Set budget and timeline: Establish a clear budget and timeline for your project, including recruitment costs and expected completion dates.
  • Seek references and recommendations: Gather feedback from previous clients and colleagues to validate the expertise and reliability of potential hires.

Going with Proshore, a proven provider of dedicated developers with 14+ years of experience is a better option if you rather focus your time and effort on the business strategy and growth. With Proshore, you need only focus on step 1 of the checklist, i.e. defining project needs – we take care of the recruitment hassles that follow afterward.

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Hiring dedicated developers from Proshore

Proshore offers a comprehensive range of dedicated development services tailored to your specific project needs. Whether you require dedicated developers in specific tech, full-stack expertise, or custom solutions, our team is equipped to deliver exceptional results.

Vast expertise

With a talent pool of 4000+ pre-vetted developers, we are proficient in the tech you need. Require Laravel, JavaScript, React devs? We’ve got them all. Check out our tech stack on Stackshare.


Well-versed in agile processes, our dedicated devs do not need micro-managing. In some cases, they will be assigned dedicated Scrum Masters to allow taking up even more responsibilities.

With Proshore, you gain access to top-tier talent, streamlined recruitment processes, and ongoing support for your projects. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your development projects.

It’s about relationships. We’re not just doing a transaction. When you have a good working relationship with an offshore development company, you get the right developers with the right mindset.
Dr Vivek Bhandari, Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of PowerLedger
Dr Vivek Bhandari, Powerledger
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
We started with one person and we scaled up fairly quickly to the second and now to the third. The whole onboarding process was so quick that's just impossible to do it yourself when hiring someone.
Martijn Snels, Founder of Pluscloud
Martijn Snels, Pluscloud
Founder - Director CX
Babish & Jeroen
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