Top 15 Offshore Software Development companies from around the world

Companies around the world are outsourcing their development needs to offshore software development companies. The main reasons behind this shift are the tech talent shortage and the costly hiring process.

With offshore companies, both startups and established organizations can build the product and get it to the market fast. That’s why offshore development has become a popular practice in recent times.

In this blog, we will learn about offshore software development companies and compare the top 15 companies around the world.

What are offshore software development companies?

Offshore software development companies operate in different regions and act as an extension of your business. They provide either individual developers or an entire development team according to your needs.

To learn more about how they operate and the benefits they offer, you can refer to these articles:

15 leading Offshore Software Development Companies

When it comes to selecting an offshore development team, there are many options available. To simplify the process, we have compiled a list of the top 15 offshore software companies from around the world.

Please note that the list is not in any particular order.

1. Proshore

  • Location: Nepal & Netherlands
  • Technical Expertise: Front-end, Back-end, Mobile App Development, Data Analytics, Serverless, Automated Testing, DevOps, Agile Approach
  • Technologies: Microsoft.NET, Python, PHP, C++, JavaScript, Java, Flutter, React, Cypress
  • Number of Developers: 80+

Services provided by the company:

  • Roadmapping – transforming business ideas into requirements
  • Software Development – creating solutions that empower the business
  • DevOps & Cloud – ensuring high availability in client’s infrastructures
  • Software Architecture – providing future-proof solutions that are easily scalable
  • Agile Transformation – allowing teams to adapt and scale quickly

Proshore is a company that provides ready-to-code remote teams based in Nepal, Asia, with nearly a decade and a half of experience. They train their employees in leading frameworks and methodologies, such as Scrum and Kanban, to work within DevOps environments and multidisciplinary teams.

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Proshore operates using a ‘ready-to-code dev teams‘ model, where they first understand the client’s needs, allowing them to manage the developers, process, and output, allowing the client to focus more on business strategies.

2. N-iX

  • Location: Delivery centers in Poland, Sweden, USA, Malta, Ukraine, and Bulgaria
  • Pricing: TBD pending pricing call
  • Technical expertise: Cloud-native Computing, Data Analytics, DevOps, Digital Platforms, IoT, Virtual Reality
  • Number of developers: 2,000+ 

Their services include: 

  • Adding to an existing team
  • Identifying the needs for a product
  • Developing custom software
  • Providing technology-related advice

N-iX is an offshore software development firm that specializes in creating custom software and providing consulting services. They collaborate with global organizations to provide software solutions for businesses in the finance, retail, manufacturing, and telecom sectors.

3. Eleks

  • Location: USA, UK, Canada, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Japan, Estonia, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Croatia 
  • Pricing: TBD pending pricing call
  • Technical expertise: DevOps, IoT, Blockchain, UX consulting, VR, Market Research, Nearshore Development, Digital Enterprise
  • Number of developers: 2,000+

Eleks splits its services across three categories: 

  • Advisory: product design, data science, cybersecurity, and technical feasibility study
  • Engineering: PoC development, application development, application re-engineering, cloud migration, smart team
  • Optimization: Software audit, support, quality assurance

With 18 offices worldwide, Eleks has an extensive network of developers that it uses to support companies as they grow their businesses. They are particularly focused on helping teams adopt digital transformation and unifying the digital enterprise. 

4. Rikkeisoft

  • Location: Vietnam, Japan, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, Europe, USA
  • Pricing: TBD pending pricing call
  • Technical expertise: Business process management, web development, eCommerce site development, mobile application, UX/UI design, managed services, IoT, artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud
  • Number of developers: 1,500+ 

Rikkeisoft’s services include: 

  • Software development outsourcing
  • Innovative technology builds
  • Software engineers for hire
  • Talent incubator

Rikkeisoft is an offshore software development company that was started in Vietnam by a group of six students. Since then, it has grown to 1,500+ employees and operates out of multiple global locations. The company primarily serves retail, finance, media, manufacturing, and automotive clients. 

5. Dev.Pro

  • Location: Headquartered in Las Vegas, and presence across 50 countries
  • Pricing: TBD pending pricing call
  • Technical expertise: Cloud Development, Blockchain, DevOps, System Integration, QA & testing, reporting, UX/UI design, IT support, AppSec
  • Number of developers: 900+ 

Dev.Pro’s services include solutions for any part of the software development lifecycle for the following industries: 

  • Blockchain
  • Digital commerce
  • Digital transformation
  • Fintech 
  • Technology 
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare 
  • Enterprise

Dev.Pro describes itself as a software development partner that helps companies grow faster and shorten their time to market. To this end, the company’s primary offering is custom outsourced software development, with the support of ready-made teams for each client. 

6. Admios

  • Location: 12 countries across Latin America, and headquartered in San Francisco
  • Pricing: Between $55 and $65 an hour
  • Technical expertise: JavaScript, React, Ruby on Rails, Java, Angular, iOS, Python, Go, Kubernetes, Haskell, Android
  • Number of developers: 53

Services include: 

  • Custom software development
  • Project management
  • Architecture

Admios classifies itself as a nearshore software development company, giving customers access to a skilled team of specialists focusing on strategic software development. The team comprises Latin American professionals near the USA and prides itself in consistently delivering excellent code.

7. Kanda Software

  • Location: USA
  • Pricing: TBD pending RFP submission — multiple pricing models
  • Technical expertise: SaaS software development, Java, .NET, Ruby on Rails, C++, SharePoint, Python, PHP, artificial intelligence, mobile applications
  • Number of developers: 650+

Kanda Software’s services include: 

  • Custom software development for Cloud and SaaS
  • Software development services for startups
  • Digital health solutions and development services
  • Enterprise software development
  • Cloud migration

Primarily focused on custom software development, Kanda Software helps companies accelerate their digital transformation journeys. The team has over 25 years of experience in the space and puts Agile methodologies at the forefront of their practices.

8. Huboxt

  • Location: Estonia
  • Pricing: TBD pending pricing call
  • Technical expertise: Node.js, PHP, .NET Core, React Native, React, Flutter, Angular
  • Number of developers: Up to 50 

Their services include the following: 

  • Web and mobile development
  • UI/UX design
  • Server-side development
  • DevOps 
  • Data Engineering
  • Product management

Huboxt is a full-cycle custom software company that turns vision into reality. They pride themselves on taking a simplified approach to supporting customers, taking out the implementation middleman, and working directly with customers. 

9. Cegeka

  • Location: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Italy, Luxembourg, Moldova, Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden
  • Pricing: TBD pending pricing call
  • Technical expertise: Microsoft Dynamics, 5G, Cloud, Application Management, Cybersecurity, Agile Systems
  • Number of developers: 5,000+ 

The company delivers projects in the following areas: 

  • Cloud services
  • Software services 
  • Software platforms
  • Outsourcing
  • Business Solutions
  • Digital experiences 
  • Data & Automation
  • 5G and mobile
  • IT team extension

Cegeka is a European, family-owned company. What started as a data center has since become a company that supports other businesses with technical expertise across various industries. 


  • Location: USA, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary, India
  • Pricing: TBD pending pricing call
  • Technical expertise: AI, Data Analytics, Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Automation
  • Number of developers: 4,000+

Their services include: 

  • Digital strategy
  • Digital architecture
  • Enterprise application services
  • Innovation labs
  • Data & analytics
  • Cloud services 
  • Interactive user experiences
  • Smart e-commerce

NEORIS is a digital accelerator that works with companies to future-proof their products and infrastructure. The company is based largely across Latin America and Europe and serves customers in the telco, financial services, education, and agribusiness sectors, among others. 

11. Knowit

  • Location: Sweden, Finland, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Norway
  • Pricing: TBD pending pricing call
  • Technical expertise: Agile systems, Testing, Application Management, Bluetooth Application Development, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Web Development, Cybersecurity, Data & Analytics
  • Number of developers: 3,500+ 

Knowit classifies its services under the following categories:

  • System solutions
  • Experience
  • Connectivity
  • Management consulting

Knowit is a Nordic company based in Finland, offering digital solutions for companies that want to be better prepared for the future. They focus on creating sustainable and humane systems through innovation and digital transformation. 

12. Symbio

  • Location: Distributed presence across the USA, Central America, Western Europe, and Asia-Pacific
  • Pricing: TBD pending pricing call
  • Technical expertise: Automotive systems, Industry storage solutions, eCommerce, Mobile payments
  • Number of developers: 800

The company’s services include: 

  • Digital transformation
  • DevOps
  • Quality and assurance testing
  • Globalization and localization 

Symbio is an outsourced software development company that provides teams with deep digital expertise, flexibility, and scalability. They work with their partners to build innovative software products and transformative digital services that connect and engage their customers. 

13. Maruti Techlabs

  • Location: India
  • Pricing: TBD pending pricing call
  • Technical expertise: Bot development, Machine Learning natural language processing, Bot-making platform 
  • Number of developers: 175+ 

Their services include:

  • Bot development
  • Multilingual chatbots
  • Integrations
  • Natural language processing
  • Support
  • Consultation
  • Analytics and human handover

Maruti Techlabs is a company that builds innovative technology solutions for its customers. They focus primarily on digital transformation solutions that enable businesses to be smarter and more agile. 

14. QBurst

  • Location: USA, Canada, UK, UAE, India, Japan, Singapore, Australia
  • Pricing: TBD pending pricing call
  • Technical expertise: Cloud computing, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Data, Microservice architecture, DevOps, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Web development, and much more
  • Number of developers: 2,000+ 

QBurst’s services include:

  • Digital transformation
  • Cloud enablement
  • Data & AI
  • End-to-end digital services
  • Digital marketing 
  • SaaS

QBurst is a full-service software development company that works closely with its customers to deliver software solutions. Since its founding in 2004, the company has worked on thousands of projects with brands in various sectors. 

15. STXNext 

  • Location: Poland, The Netherlands
  • Pricing: TBD pending pricing call
  • Technical expertise: Python, Javascript, Node.js, Agile methodology, Product design, Web development, Mobile development, DevOps, Testing, Machine learning
  • Number of developers: 450+

The company’s services include: 

  • Team extension 
  • End-to-end product development
  • Consulting

STXNext is one of Europe’s largest Python software development houses, focused exclusively on delivering projects in Python. Over the last 17 years, STXNext has built deep expertise in this space, supporting customers in various industries, including retail and media.

Offshore Development in Nepal

There’s no denying the benefits of offshore development. The trick is to find the right development company for your needs. 

Dual-located in the Netherlands and Nepal, Proshore offers highly-skilled software development teams as a service for less than you might expect.

Looking to partner with an offshore software development company? Find out more about our ready-to-code dev teams.

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