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Clear your backlog and cut down time-to-market with CTO-led dedicated teams – without compromising on timezone, budget, and high bar for quality code.

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Not just offshore, but a dedicated extension of your team

Tech expertise on-demand

Whether you are looking for a self-managed development team or dedicated developers to augment your capacity, Proshore’s got you covered.

Be it 1 veteran or 10 experienced developers – with our experienced team of 80+ and pool of 4k+ vetted talents, we can fulfill your requirements.

An agile approach

As early ‘agile’ adopters, our way-of-working has allowed for active collaboration without micro-management resulting in consistent turnover of scalable output, often before time-to-market.

Our decade-long experience ensures that different timezones are not a problem as everyone is upto speed with the project at all times.

Focus on project business goals

Apart from relieving your micro-management duties and freeing up time to focus on business development, our self-mangaed developers and offshore teams are trained to keep your business goals in mind when working their coding magic.

One of the reasons for our high net promoter score is because we don’t hold back if there is a better approach to reaching your business goals – especially if it’s sustainable in the long run.

Flexible solutions based on what you need
– your product stage

What: Staff augmentation bridges the gap by providing access to pre-vetted developers who can code your groundbreaking ideas into reality, all while keeping you on track for time-to-market and other crucial project goals.

When: Your startup is ready to take off, but your in-house development team is stretched thin. Start from 1 or few devs and scale up as your product gorws.

to get started with ready-to-code devs

What: A dedicated team that’ll move at your pace, helping you validate new ideas quickly and efficiently. Plus, their expertise lies in building features based on real customer feedback, ensuring your product evolves alongside your user base.

When: You’re ready to scale your product but need a development team that’s agile and responsive.

to scale up with ready-to-code dev teams

What: Offshore development teams free up your internal developers to focus on core strategic initiatives by taking on the additional workload. They will seamlessly integrate, understand and adhere to your established processes to ensure smooth project execution.

When: Your in-house dev team is stretched thin and you need additional capacity for product growth, expansion, or sustainence.

to hire pre-vetted ready-to-code dev teams

What: Gain access to expert developers fluent in tech like NodeJS, Python, Java, Dotnet, PHP, React, and Vue. Additionally, project managers and QA testers ensure streamlined workflow and flawless execution, allowing you to hit the ground running from day one.

When: You need to complete your project quickly and require a team with specific skillset.

to onbaord expert devs

We hire, train and manage your dedicated team, so that they are ready-to-code from day 1

Without proshore
With a Proshore team
Developers are hard to find
Pick from a pool of 4000+ vetted developers
Paying full salaries for talents you rarely need
Add specific talent to your team without full-time hiring
Developer turnover kills your momentum
Get a team that’s thrilled to work with you long-term
Interviewing and hiring takes too much time
We do the hiring — no HR paperwork needed
Competitors and tech giants poach your talent
Your team is safe and incentivized to stay with you
More devs means more micromanaging
Get a self-managed team that can operate on their own
Local talent is scarce and expensive
Build a team at half the price vs Europe and the US

Build your offshore software development team in 5 steps

Get a customized plan that addresses your challenges

Jeroen and the team analyse your challenges to come up with a customized plan and proposal based on what you need.

Meet your new team

Your plan covers setting up team roles and tasks. Babish, our CTO, assembles the best team available from our talent pool and shares it with you for approval.

2-month trial period

Test your team’s output during a 60-day trial period. Not happy with someone? We work with you to replace them at no extra cost.

Expand or scale down

Add new talent to your team or scale down based on your goals and roadmap. No recruiting, hiring or HR paperwork.

60 days trial period

Get started today,
build your dream team

80+ developers working across industries, collaborating with leading tech and SaaS companies in the US, EU, and AUS.

You’ve got (hard) questions
— we’ve got (straight) answers

Great question. Most outsourcing companies fail at 2 things:

  1. Freeing your time: the more tasks you outsource with them, the more managing you have to do.
  2. Getting your devs to work on their own: outsource devs can’t be hard to manage. If there’s no clear task available for them to work on, they’ll sit idle, wasting your resources.

We solve both problems by offering self-managed teams of 3 people (or more). Your teams always include a Scrum Master. They’re accountable for execution and will manage your devs, while communicating with you on a regular basis.

This approach to outsourcing gives you a strong team that works as a unit, as opposed to individual devs, and lets you focus on meeting your goals, not micromanaging.

Our dev teams are based in Nepal. Our leadership team is headquartered in The Netherlands. Some of the brightest developers in the world are Nepalese. Proshore has a long history of supporting Nepalese talent and the Nepalese economy. Learn more about our mission in Nepal here.

We work with companies from Australia to the west coast in the US. Work happens asynchronously, except for meetings which are scheduled in our clients’ time zones.

Our remote development teams work on flexible timings to accommodate the difference in the client’s time zones. However, if we were to set a clock, our teams work 8hs shifts but are availble from 8 AM to 7 PM NPT for Europe and APAC regions. 

Get an idea about the working hours overlap between the timezones below.


5hs 15m ahead of Nepal – Overlap: 3.75 working hours


4hs 45m behind Nepal –  – Overlap: 5.25 working hours


5hs 45m behind Nepal – Overlap: 4.25 working hours

For clients in the USA, our teams can make themselves available from as early as 5 AM NPT and late until 10 PM NPT allowing meetings to take place in the morning or evening depending upon your timezone.

While the overlap may seem less, the biggest advantage the time difference between Nepal and the USA is that development takes place around the clock – as our teams based in Nepal will be working while you sleep.


10hs 45m behind Nepal – Overlap: 2.158 working hours (extended)


13hs 45m behind Nepal – Overlap: 1.458 working hours (extended)

For specific projects, we can build teams that adapt to time zones outside our usual working hours. Get in touch with us.

No, you can get started with 1 developer if that’s what you are looking for.

From tech expertise to onboarding duration – we can match your requirements and:

  • Guarantee the quality of deliverables — We’re proud of our code and you’ll be, too.
  • Meet your deadlines — And your go-to-market strategy.

We do suggest to start with 3 people, including a Scrum Master, to:

  • Handle management on our side — Less work for you.
  • Create and follow a process — Progress is documented and trackable.

Every team member participates in conversations with clients during briefing, reviewing, and demoing. Proshore doesn’t hire non-fluent developers.

You can forget about timesheets and screenshotting people’s laptops. Your team comes with a dedicated Scrum Master to keep track of tasks, assignments, and workload. And most importantly, to make sure your team is working to capacity to meet your goals.

Proshore trains and coaches all teams. New talent is pre-vetted before joining a team.

You get a 60-day trial period to test your teams and make any changes to it. We offer 6 , 12, and 24-month contracts with regular review periods to rethink and reshape your team.

Our offshore software development teams are based in Nepal – a growing tech hub of South Asia. With an average hourly rate of 20-40 USD, Nepal has one of the best offshore cost ratios in the world when it comes to expertise or quality of work.

Generally speaking, our offshore devs and dedicated teams operate at nearly half the cost and time to hiring in the US or EU. But with compartively less cost of living, we are actually progressing in our social mission of creating sustianable jobs for our devs without them having to leave Nepal in search for better livelihood.

Babish & Jeroen
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