A guide to hiring Offshore Java Developers

Java is a powerful and enduring platform on which some of the world’s best-known web applications and services are built. Its enduring popularity means there is strong global demand for top Java developer talent. So it’s no wonder that companies extend their search offshore when looking to hire Java developers.

Why is Java development so popular?

From the biggest names in eCommerce – such as Amazon and eBay – to popular social networking and video sharing platforms – like LinkedIn and YouTube – Java is a constant presence in the background of our digital lives.

It may be over 25 years old, but Java is still one of the most widely-used programming languages. Java is constantly evolving, and its proven reliability and modular structure make it a popular choice for all kinds of applications. 

One of the major uses of Java is in innovative Enterprise applications. Not only that, but Java is commonly used for desktop applications, games, and other mobile software.

Here are 5 common applications for Java:

  1. Enterprise software: The Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) is increasingly used to develop enterprise applications such as customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and supply chain management (SCM) systems.
  1. Desktop applications: Java developers create desktop applications using frameworks like JavaFX and Swing. These frameworks provide a rich set of components for building desktop applications that work across different platforms.
  1. Games: Java can be used to create games. The libGDX library is a popular choice for creating 2D and 3D games using Java. There is also a Java edition of Minecraft – one of the world’s most popular games.
  1. Web applications: Java has a number of frameworks and tools – such as Spring, Struts, and Hibernate – that make it easy to build robust and scalable web applications.
  1. Mobile app development: As the official programming language for the Android platform, Java is used to build native Android apps. 

Basic guidelines for hiring offshore Java developers

If you’re looking to hire offshore Java developers, it’s important to follow some basic guidelines to ensure you get the best fit for your business. Follow these simple steps:

Step 1 – Set your project requirements

Before you begin looking for offshore Java developers, set out the requirements of your project. This includes the technical skills, experience, and qualifications alongside specific milestones and deadlines.

Step 2 – Identify offshore Java development companies or freelancers

There are Java developers all over the world. You can find them through online job boards, freelancer websites, and offshore development companies. Whichever channel you use to source offshore Java developers, make sure they have a strong track record in delivering high-quality code. Also, check their previous clients’ reviews and ratings.

Step 3 – Review candidate portfolios and resumes 

Once you’ve found potential offshore Java developers, review their portfolios and resumes to assess their technical skills and experience. Look for candidates with relevant experience in Java development and a strong portfolio behind them.

Step 4 – Conduct interviews

Prepare a shortlist of potential candidates, then conduct interviews to assess their communication skills, soft skills, and cultural fit. This is an important opportunity to ask technical questions that test their expertise and experience with Java development.

Step 5 – Request references

Request references from previous clients or employers to verify the Java developer’s experience and work quality – before you make the hiring decision.

Step 6 – Share clear expectations

After hiring offshore Java developers, it’s important that you set clear expectations for the way ahead. Regular communication – especially around deadlines, reviews, and demos –  is key to ensuring that your project stays on track.

Step 7 – Continuously monitor progress 

Continuously monitor the progress of your offshore Java development team. Provide feedback to ensure that progress is in line with your expectations.

Skills to look out for in offshore Java developers

As mentioned above, assessing the technical skills of your offshore Java developers is one of the most important steps in hiring them. However, soft skills are also essential for effective teamwork – especially if that team is spread out remotely across different locations. Here’s a summary of the soft skills and technical skills needed by offshore Java developers.

Soft Skills

  • Communication: Proficiency in a shared language is essential. This is usually – but not always – English. Having a common language is crucial for clear communication, which leads to the best results.
  • Problem-solving: Java developers need to think creatively to solve complex technical problems. This is a core part of the development process. 
  • Attention to detail: A keen eye for detail is needed to avoid errors and setbacks and ensure clean, maintainable, and efficient Java code.
  • Time management:  When your offshore Java developers are working remotely and self-managed, effective time management is important for meeting project deadlines.
  • Flexibility: When taking an agile approach to software development, priorities can quickly change. That means developers also need to be flexible in their mindset. 

Technical Skills

  • Project management: Ensure your Java developers can use project management tools – such as Jira or Trello – to manage sprint goals and deadlines.
  • Java web frameworks: Popular Java web frameworks – including Google Web Toolkit, Spring, and Hibernate – are needed for developing robust web applications.
  • Source control: Source control management (SCM) systems enable developers to track and manage changes to the code, especially merging code from multiple sources. 
  • DevOps tools: DevOps tools – including AWS, Git, Jenkins, and Docker – will help to streamline development, deployment, and testing. 
  • Java proficiency: Developers should have a strong understanding of the Java programming language, including its syntax, data structures, libraries, and frameworks.

The technical skills of your offshore Java developers will also depend on the complexity of your project. As a rough guide, here’s what to expect from Junior and Senior Java Developers. 

Junior Java Developers 

  • Alongside practical working knowledge of Java, junior developers need a strong understanding of object-oriented concepts and different data types, threads, and classes.
  • Being able to write clean code in Java is essential.
  • They should also be able to demonstrate sufficient knowledge of JavaScript, Servlet methods, and Java-based web services.

Senior Java Developers 

  • Senior Java developers write clean and optimized code.
  • They’ll be proficient in Java with a deep understanding of exception handling, class fundamentals, multithreading, and synchronization.
  • They’ll be competent at debugging and testing. At this level, developers will demonstrate a clear understanding of complex SQL queries, J2EE, and be able to deal with memory-related errors.

The cost of hiring offshore Java developers

Depending on a number of factors – including living costs, experience, and the project’s scope – the cost of hiring offshore Java developers can vary significantly. 

That being said, the cost of hiring offshore Java developers ranges from $25 – $100. Here is a breakdown of the typical cost per hour based on different locations: 

LocationTypical cost per hour 
US$60 to $80
Poland$45 to $60
Brazil$40 to $65
Nepal$20 to $35
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Popular offshore Java development companies

With a world of choice, it can be difficult to know where to begin your search for offshore companies that specialize in Java development. Working with a reputable offshore development company can help ensure that you get high-quality work at a reasonable price. 

Here are 5 well-known companies to help you get started: 

1️⃣ Saigon Technology

With more than 10 years Java development experience, Vietnam-based Saigon Technology has a talent pool of over 300 experienced Java developers. They have clients from around the world in a range of sectors. 

2️⃣ STS Software GMBH

Known for working with some of the world’s biggest and best-known tech brands – including IBM and Oracle – STS Software GMBH have over 300 highly-trained and experienced offshore Java developers. They’re based in Switzerland.

3️⃣ TechTIQ Solutions

Serving both large and small companies, TechTIQ has over 100 clients in a variety of industries. Based in Singapore, they have a presence across Asia, Australia, and India. They have over 5 years experience in offshore Java development. 

4️⃣ BoTree Technologies

Offering a team of highly-skilled and cost-effective Java developers, BoTree Technologies – based in India – has deep expertise in all things Java, including related frameworks, and database management. They specialize in scalable, cross-platform solutions, and have delivered over 200 projects.  

5️⃣ Iflexion 

Renowned for building high-quality applications with stable performance, US-based Iflexion has over 20 years of experience in Java development. The company has completed more than 100 large-scale projects featuring web content management, digital asset management, and media content distribution services.

Proshore as an offshore Java development company

Operating since 2009, Proshore provides offshore software development services to clients ranging across various technologies and frameworks, including Java. 

Our cost-effective and agile approach is suitable for companies based in Europe, the US, and even Australia! From hiring to delivery, you can lower costs and increase productivity with Proshore as a partner.

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Dr Vivek Bhandari, Powerledger Chief Technical Officer (CTO)


Which country has the best offshore Java development company?

As the quality and availability of developers can vary widely depending on location, there is no ‘best’ country for Java developers. However, countries like Ukraine, India, and Nepal are known for having strong Java development talent and competitive rates.

Where can you find offshore Java developers for your business?

There are various places where you can source offshore Java developers. These include freelancing platforms such as Upwork, offshore development companies, online communities, personal referrals, and recommendations.

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