DPL: How Proshore helped sync listings and orders across Etsy and Shopify

Etsy Integration & Sync is a Shopify app by DPL that lets you fully automate syncing your listing, order, and inventory without any technical hassle. The goal is to help merchants skip the tedious process of keeping multiple manual sales platforms in sync by automating this process.

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“When you’re working with too many merchants, there’s a problem. How do you keep track?”
Roshan Bhattarai, DPL

If you’re a manufacturer or retailer with products appearing on a single retail site, like Shopify, then updating your product feeds is a straightforward task. But what if your products appear on multiple merchant sites? Even the smallest retail startup with its own online store would want to leverage wider visibility through other merchants.

Regardless of the size of your business or the number of products you offer, going in and manually updating your product feeds for each and every merchant is a time-consuming task. Thankfully, Digital Product Labs had an idea for an integrated solution, so they called on their sister business, Proshore, to help them make it a reality.

If you want to sell your product online, you’re going to need coverage on a merchant platform. In fact, to maximize your visibility, and your sales, you’ll want to appear on multiple merchant platforms. But that means entering and updating the same product data multiple times. Or does it? 

What if you could have a single point of entry for your product feed data, and sync it across multiple platforms and merchants? This time-saving plug-in means you can edit data from a single site, and it updates all of your connected merchant platforms. That means you can easily sync all of your product feeds at once.


The challenge

The problem with making a product for everyone is that it ends up being a product for no one. The initial challenge for Digital Product Labs was how to develop a plug-in to simplify the process and solve the problem of updating multiple merchant platforms at once. But they also needed to focus their efforts on an integration that could truly add value for a merchant platform and a retailer. 

Combining the popularity of Etsy as a global community of people selling unique and extraordinary goods with the power of Shopify as an all-one-commerce platform seemed to narrow the field just enough to enable Digital Products Lab to produce a worthwhile solution that could genuinely add value for businesses. They particularly liked the philosophy of Etsy, with its focus on handcrafted products made by start-ups and small businesses, and a predominantly female audience.

Partnership result

Proshore helped bring DPL’s idea to life – integrating products across two e-commerce platforms with high traffic – by building a remote development team capable of developing and sustaining the API.


The solution​

So, with a renewed focus on Etsy and Shopify, Digital Products Lab enlisted the help of Proshore to create an application programming interface (API) that could sync key information between the two platforms and save merchants time and effort.

With Proshore alongside, Digital Product Labs were able to create an integration that could sync orders, pricing, tax, and shipping details – all automated across the two platforms after a one-time set-up. 

The benefit of building a remote development team through Proshore was that the time-to-market was greatly reduced because Digital Product Labs were able to sustainably increase their developer capacity and roll out the product much quicker. 


The platform makes use of Laravel for microservices and Joomla for the content management system. 

“Right now, our app is being used by more than 7000 merchants… Our growth is led by our tech team and our top-notch support team.”
Roshan Bhattarai, DPL

The impact

Etsy Integration & Sync launched in 2019 and saw a steady uptake before and during the global pandemic. The app grew by 50% in 2023 and continues to grow.

Alongside exceptional customer support, DPL offers four different subscription packages to accommodate scaling businesses, based on the number of SKUs and order numbers, so customers can pick the solution that’s right for them.

After the success of Etsy Marketplace Integration, DPL has gone on to develop integrations for Shopify and other highly used e-commerce platforms so that Shopify businesses can drive growth holistically.

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