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We are Proshore. Simply the best place to work if you’re an ambitious Nepalese software developer. We build, train, and coach agile development teams working from Kathmandu enabling Saas Companies worldwide. 

It’s our mission to create highly skilled jobs in Nepal and beat the war on talent in Western Europe in a sustainable way. In other words: You don’t have to leave your home country if you want to progress in life.


Fired up and ready to go

When opportunity knocks, we are fired up and eager to get down to it! Ready to accelerate growth. We love to be engaged in your ambition and turn that into a flourishing career. Expect us to challenge the status quo and push the boundaries. We are at our best when we can make an impact, and everybody is winning.

Exploring possibilities

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” That’s why we foster the workplace like a second home to attract smart and creative minds. We love experienced and skilled professionals; well-educated and eager to keep learning. But we also love to invest in the professional and personal development of young talents.

Let’s grow together

Software development is a people business – it’s all about collaboration. Our teams are well-coordinated professionals; their existing bond makes them connect and move fast, making all the difference. We believe in Agile working to facilitate an operation that is smooth, efficient and flexible. The most significant outcome of working together is growing together.
We coach on the job, turn opportunities into possibilities and have fun while doing that. If that is not convincing enough, have a look at the long lists of perks that comes with the job.

Perk of being part of the Proshore family

Your own workstation with dual screen setup
Flexible work timing
Free lunch & Breakfast
Participate on events
Excellent career opportunities
Space for own initiatives
Health & Accidental insurance coverage
Recreational activities (like Fifa, Futsal or Pingpong)
Paid Paternity, Maternity, Sick and Casual Leave
Floating Holiday

Current openings:

Meet the hiring team

Remote software development is a people business - it’s all about collaboration. Meet our well-coordinated professional family.

Roshan Bhattarai
Operational Director
Babish Shrestha
Technology Director
Krishma Shrestha
HR Manager
Anu Karki
Talent Acquisition Specialist

Proshore Bootcamp

Kickstart your IT career working on a real-world project on this 3-month free mentorship program. 

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