Proshore Bootcamp 5th edition

How a mentorship program can kickstart software development careers

Struggling to break into the exciting world of software development? You're not alone. Many aspiring developers lack the practical experience employers crave. Here's where mentorship programs like Proshore Bootcamp can bridge the gap.

about Proshore Bootcamp

5th edition bootcampers from Proshore Bootcamp showing off their certificates during the graduation event

A mentorship program pairs aspiring professionals with experienced individuals who act as guides and advisors. Mentors offer valuable insights, share their expertise, and provide support and encouragement throughout the learning journey.

While traditional coding bootcamps and IT training courses offer valuable foundational knowledge, they often lack the real-world experience that’s crucial for landing a job in the software development industry. Mentorship programs are essentially shortcuts as they provide guided application of theory and a cheat sheet of mistakes to avoid.

Proshore’s premier mentorship program takes it a step further.

Proshore Bootcamp: Our vision

Since our inception in 2009, Proshore’s social mission has been to create sustainable and highly skilled jobs for the talented people in Nepal within Nepal. We strongly believe that the “war on talent” – the scarcity of highly skilled developers in the West and the abundant brain drain in Nepal, can be fought sustainably.

When repurposing our social mission to the grassroots level, Proshore Bootcamp was formed. The mentorship program aims to empower future IT talents of Nepal to kickstart successful IT careers. Helping promising talents enter the booming sector creates a ripple effect that in the long term contributes to creating “sustainable and highly-skilled jobs in Nepal”.

Proshore Bootcamp was born from our developers' struggles entering the industry. They lacked guidance, clarity on career paths, and understanding of how organizations work. We created the program to ensure this generation has a smoother journey.
Krishma Shrestha, Lead Mentor
Soft Skills - Proshore Bootcamp 5th edition

Why Proshore Bootcamp?

Why should starting IT professionals consider mentorship programs for their software development journey? Let’s delve into the benefits of Proshore’s mentorship program and explore its impact.

Benefits of our mentorship program

Traditional learning methods often leave a gap between theory and practice. Proshore Bootcamp bridges that gap by providing a unique and intensive mentorship experience. Here’s what sets us apart:

Proshore Bootcamp: The impact

Started in 2021, Proshore Bootcamp is 5 editions old. Each edition has had a different set of promising IT talent across BE, FE, PM, and QA streams working on road-mapping, time-tracking, asset management, or skill assessment tools development projects.

However, given our vision of ultimately “creating sustainable and highly-skilled jobs in Nepal”, we measure each edition’s success in the careers we have helped kickstart with each edition of Proshore Bootcamp. Here’s where we stand after 5 editions,


bootcampers enrolled across 5 editions


average mentor per bootcamper ratio


program completion or graduation rate


of bootcampers received jobs when graduating

In today's AI-driven world, having a mentor who can share thoughtful insights and experiences is invaluable, particularly during their early stages of growth. This leaves a lasting impact, ultimately contributing to a stronger tech community in Nepal.
Sanket Upreti, Lead Mentor
Frontend Development - Proshore Bootcamp 5th edition

Proshore Bootcamp: The 5th edition

After its fifth edition, Proshore Bootcamp continues to uphold its reputation as a premier mentorship program in Nepal. Here’s a brief recap of the mentorship program,

Preview of the skill asssessment tool developed during the program:

Hear from some of the Bootcampers about their experience on the 5th edition of Proshore Bootcamp:

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