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Education Psyflix: An educational video-streaming platform for mental health professionals.

How Proshore's dedicated team for Psyflix continuously yet comprehensively develops and implements the product roadmap to grow the eLearning platform globally.
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FinTech Powerledger: A blockchain-powered marketplace for tracking, trading, and tracing RECs.

How Proshore helped speed up time-to-market for Powerledger's 'TraceX' across the US and continues to fuel the development of the complex digital marketplace for RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates).
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FinTech Surebird: An InsurTech solution that compares policies daily for customers and facilitates switching to better alternatives.

How Proshore helped Surebird take its algorithm-dependant concept to launch – slashing the MVP's time to market down to 3 months!
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HR Tech interviewstream: A leading SaaS in the recruitment industry simplifying the hiring process for both recruiters and candidates.

How Proshore's dedicated team, with PHP experts, handled the UI improvements and UX enhancements required by interviewstream's product – a feature-rich platform operating since 2002.
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CX Software Pluscloud: An acclaimed Zendesk Implementation Partner with a suite of apps for improving CX in customer support.

How Proshore's dedicated team for Pluscloud helps realize potential Zendesk apps solutions from scratch to launch and maintain 10+ micro SaaS applications.
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Market Research CMNTY: Leading qualitative research SaaS that helps deliver strategic and insightful reports from big data.

How Proshore fitted into CMTY's development needs and helped them scale sustainably along with their data collection platform – from a single developer to a solid development team.
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B2B Ecommerce OrderXL: An innovative solution that allows hospitality entrepreneurs and suppliers to do business through an app.

How Proshore took full ownership of developing OrderXL, formerly Blinqed's, business concept from paper to an app, allowing the co-founders to focus on business development and partnerships.
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Ecommerce Digital Product Labs: API syncing Etsy and Shopify

Find out how Proshore and Digital Product Labs partnered to connect the popularity of Etsy with the power of Shopify through a new API.
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Market Research CYS Group: One-stop SaaS solution for market researchers to improve CX and drive business results. 

How CYS utilized Proshore's dedicated team to remodel and increase their development capacity – accelerating their roadmap and taking their market research platform from MVP to maturity.
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