How a dedicated team from Proshore is taking Psyflix to the next level

Psyflix team after a team dinner with their dedicated team from Proshore, during their visit to Nepal.

Psyflix is the Netflix of the psychotherapy world. Its content is created by and for mental health professionals, including leading educational institutes in the Netherlands.

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We needed a really reliable development partner. I feel that with Proshore we’ve found it. And if we need to scale up the team, that’s also possible.
Hardy de Heer, European Operations Manager at Psyflix
Hardy de Heer, Psyflix
European Operations Manager


The challenge

Psyflix creates high-quality educational videos and live webinars featuring renowned international experts on mental health. Their content includes talks from leading practitioners, role-play scenarios with actors, and demonstrations with real patients. It’s a comprehensive look inside the therapy room – sometimes featuring the founders of particular methods. 

Every major mental health organization in the Netherlands is connected to Psyflix’s platform. That’s because the content can be used for Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Mental health practitioners can earn accreditation points by completing e-learning modules. For these professionals, attending conferences to earn accreditation points can be expensive and time-consuming. Psyflix makes it both easier and more affordable. 

Psyflix needed to accelerate the development of its e-learning content to grow its platform. It had an outsourced development team in place, but not only were they expensive, they weren’t delivering what the company needed. One of the problems was that Psyflix had limited visibility over product development – they had an unknown team doing unknown things. At the same time, the developers worked with other companies, and key sprint goals were being missed.  

What Psyflix needed was a dedicated team who would work solely with them. People they could actually build relationships with – like an extension of their in-house team. That’s when a leading entrepreneur pointed them in the direction of Proshore.

We first heard about Proshore at the Globalizer Program, which helps Dutch companies expand to the UK and beyond. One of the speakers – a very successful entrepreneur – actually recommended Proshore.
Hardy de Heer, European Operations Manager at Psyflix
Hardy de Heer, Psyflix
European Operations Manager

Partnership result

Our development team supports this fast-growing platform through continuous development and implementation of new functionalities, without losing agility when it comes to collaboration.


The solution​

After Psyflix decided to hand over software development to Proshore – there was an immediate difference felt in their project flow and delivery time. 

First, Psyflix’s project was migrated to JIRA so that they could clearly see the roadmap, including the work to be done, and the work completed. Second, Proshore’s Scrum Master, Milan Khanal made it very easy. His confidence and experience were appreciated by Psyflix, as was his proficiency in English, which made communication between Psyflix and the developers straightforward from the start. Onboarding was a breeze and the company felt supported throughout by Proshore’s Co-owner – Jeroen van der Horst

Working in bi-weekly sprints, Psyflix and Proshore message daily via Slack and have weekly meetings. So far the streaming platform is really happy with the level of transparency, the clarity, and the frequency of communication they’re getting from Proshore – including monthly breakdowns of the time spent. 

Right now, Proshore’s dedicated team is developing core functionality for the e-learning accreditation module – a business-critical component of Psyflix’s offer. It will allow mental health organizations to create tests attached to video content – enabling professionals to earn accreditation points. The next phase of development will also involve making content available in multiple languages including English, Dutch, and Turkish.

Psyflix’s goal is to create a premium, low-cost source of education for mental health professionals that improves the quality of patient care. Their vision is to make their content as widely available as possible to upskill mental health professionals. They already plan to roll out their services across other European markets, including Sweden and Germany.   

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The platform makes use of React and Node.js for its software architecture, Strapi CMS for content management, and relies on True‘s Managed Hosting for a reliable online presence. Additionally, a collaboration with Hihaho brings interactive features to their educational videos.

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