Proshore Bootcamp

Proshore Bootcamp was born out of love for two things: IT and Nepal. As part of Proshore’s social mission, this free self-paced mentorship program supported by Proshorians, aims to create better job opportunities for aspiring IT professionals in Nepal.

Mentorship program features

Accelerated learning

Through access to vast resources and tailored sessions, bootcampers receive hands-on training from experienced mentors.

Real-world experience

Work under backend, fronted, PM, and QA streams to develop software using agile methodology – mimicking a real-life client project.

Career opportunity

Be part of a like-minded community network. Those who excel in the program can be offered roles in Proshore itself.
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“Currently, I am a Product Owner at one of Nepal’s leading FinTech companies which wouldn’t have been possible without Proshore Bootcamp. Project managers are expected to have a strong portfolio which I gained through the program’s real-world experience.”

Khemraj Basnet

Project Management Stream Proshore Bootcamp 2nd edition

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