Category: Remote development

7 minutes

Hire offshore frontend developers: A complete guide

The frontend of your website is the main touchpoint where customers and prospects interact with your brand and services. It involves a rightly designed user interface (UI) and user experience…
Sumit Shrestha
Digital Marketer
5 minutes

A guide to Offshore Software Development rates by country and technology

Cost saving is one of the main reasons why businesses prefer outsourcing their tech project. Offshore software development rates for companies residing in Asia, Europe, or Latin America will be…
Sumit Shrestha
Digital Marketer

Scope & Glory: How to get the best from an offshore software development team

Outsourcing to an offshore software development team has lots of advantages. In fact, it’s the natural choice for many startups or scale-ups looking for fast and effective software development. The…
Babish Shrestha
Director of Technology
8 minutes

Offshore versus Onshore Software Development

These days, both startups and well-established companies seem to be using software outsourcing to fulfill their business needs. From increasing capacity and reducing costs, bringing in third-party developers has many…
Roshan Bhattarai
Director of Operations
10 minutes

Offshore Mobile App Development: A complete guide

Offshore mobile app development provides you with a team of experienced developers who can deliver robust mobile apps that will work on all types of devices, operating systems, and screen…
Jeroen van der Horst
Account director
8 minutes

Offshore software development teams: A complete guide

Hiring an offshore software development team has become a common option for both established companies and startups. While it gives you the freedom to choose the right development team for…
Haico Duisters
Managing Director