Code more, commit more, launch more — manage less

Clear your backlog, accelerate development and cut down your time-to-market with an extended team that thinks, communicates and delivers like your own.

They trust us to build and manage their remote dev teams


Ever felt like you’re stuck in a Slack-Jira-Slack loop?

You want to lead decision-making at your company

But you spend the days clearing tickets and replying to comments.

Minor issues and bugs are escalated all the way up to you.

You open up Slack at any point in the day and you’re sucked into a black hole of notifications, DMs and 🐛 emojis.

You’re busy making but barely have time for decision-making.

Every new idea seems to lead to more micromanaging

Writing reaaaaaally detailed requirements specs => You’re now spending twice the time with docs.

A new communication tool for the team => Time to rewrite SOPs and train people on how to use it.

Hiring a scrum master => All the time you were spending coaching devs is now spent coaching your (very expensive) scrum master.

Outsourcing to freelancers => Now you’re micromanaging people that are not even in line with your company’s vision.

What would it mean for you and your roadmap if things moved twice as fast?

Imagine a team led by senior developers who’ve been doing this for years. They understand your vision and don’t need babysitting. Instead, they come to you with a plan for execution and deployment.

There’s always a Scrum master in place to align the team and filter any noise from getting to you.

People keep taking work off your hands. You don’t have to write specs anymore. Or handle testing or reply to DMs you shouldn’t be getting in the first place.

Your team runs on its own without asking for your input at every hour.

You see the cards moving to DONE in your board. Your sprints go from 🐛 to 🔥

You can’t wait for your competitors to find out what you’ve been up to.

That’s what Proshore does for you

See how a Proshore extended development team can save your budget as compared to hiring local talent.
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A partner that understands your vision

Your team is built around your business idea and the tech you need to code that vision into reality.


More trust, less micromanaging

You get a self-managed team ready to deal with most issues on its own. Perfect for leaders who prefer to assess solutions instead of problems.


Grow your product, not your to-do list

Beat your competitor’s go-to-market strategy without burning out your core team or yourself.

It’s working out because they understand us. The Proshore team thinks along with you and recognizes what you’re trying to achieve. They also say what they think, which is key for an honest and effective collaboration.
Peter Nijssen
78 %

Cost- effectiveness

Compare to traditional hiring.

3000 +

Qualified developers ready for hire

4 of 5

Customer Effort Score

Measures the amount of effort made by our customers to get a task completed. Scale 1-5.


Net Promoter Score

Measures Client satisfaction.

How we help
scale up development


Planning your critical milestones and how we’ll reach them


Bringing in specific talent without hiring dedicated people


Taking HR, hiring, recruiting, coaching and payroll off your hands

Tech fit

Using the same tools you’re already using or suggesting new ones

Team creation

Setting up roles and how everyone supports each other

Cultural fit

Getting an english-speaking team that sticks with you for the long-term


Keeping stakeholders in the loop at all times


Working with devs, testers, DevOps and Scrum Masters


Leading your remote team so you don’t have to micromanage

Quick wins

Clearing your backlog faster with an extended team

Stop missing business opportunities​

Stop missing business opportunities

Let’s grow together: your business, your tech and the Nepalese talents we’re creating sustainable jobs for.