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Nepal: A serious contender in software development outsourcing

Intrigued by Nepal? This beautiful country, famed for its stunning landscapes, is also quietly emerging as a global IT hub. Let's explore how Nepal can be your ideal outsourcing partner.

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Say the words ‘outsourcing destination’ to people in the software industry, and they’ll probably reply with the name of one of the major players – like Bangladesh or India.

Sure, these countries have been dominating the outsourcing market for a while now. But over the last few years, there’s been an increasingly strong contender in software development outsourcing – Nepal. And while we may be biased, Proshore has seen the talent pool grow firsthand – in Kathmandu and beyond.

Nepal: A new South-Asian IT hub

It’s true that many international companies – some big brands – have been outsourcing functionality like software development to Nepal for some time now, it’s just that as an emerging market no-one’s really talking about it in the same way as India or Bangladesh. Yet.
Roshan Bhattarai, Proshore
Director of Operations

Nepal boasts of a young, tech-savvy population with a growing talent pool in IT.  The government is actively promoting the sector, with initiatives like the ‘Digital Nepal Framework’ aiming to make Nepal a leading IT destination. This translates to a business environment that supports your outsourcing needs.

Similarly, the talent pool is set to only grow in numbers with the rise of remote working culture, rampant in the tech scene. While most of the youth are drawn to migrating abroad for opportunities, Nepal’s flourishing IT outsourcing industry allows skilled talent to earn international rates right here at home. This social mission has been a core focus for Proshore since 2009.

Commonly outsourced IT services in Nepal

Nepalese offshore development companies and developers alike offer a variety of IT outsourcing services to cater to global tech requirements:

Why choose Nepal for IT Outsourcing?

Here’s why Nepal stands out as an IT outsourcing hub;



Benefit from competitive rates compared to traditional outsourcing destinations.


Skilled Workforce

Access a pool of English-speaking talented and qualified IT professionals.


Leverage government initiatives promoting IT growth and stability.


Time-zone Advantage

Favorable time zone overlaps for seamless collaboration and round-the-clock development.

Finding the perfect outsourcing partner in Nepal

Now that we’ve established Nepal as a rising tech hub with the potential to handle your outsourcing needs, we move to selecting the right outsourcing company.

Crucial for outsourcing success, look for an outsourcing partner with:


Proven Track Record

Do your research – does the company have a history of delivering successful projects for clients in your industry and tech?


Strong Communication​

Clear and transparent communication during the proposal, trial, and onboarding phases set a good precedent for the project lifecycle.


Does their working model offer the flexibility to adapt to your changing needs and embrace innovation?


Adding specific skillsets to your existing team through staff augmentation can be a good option for short-term projects or to fill temporary gaps.

Proshore: Your trusted partner in Nepal's IT Hub

With Proshore you can get a single developer or an entire managed team to integrate with your existing set-up and scale it up or down as required. 

No matter how large or small your organization, our ready-to-code dev teams can become a part of it – the only difference is that they’re working remotely in Nepal. 

If you’re a smaller enterprise, you might not have a development team of your own, and in these circumstances, Proshore becomes your team from concept to deployment.

In other situations, you may need flexibility to scale software development up or down as needed – here Proshore provides the extra capacity with skilled developers you can rely on.

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