IT developer in practice: “Proshore is a well managed IT company”

Prakash Bhusal

“I enjoy working at Proshore, a company with a good environment. It feels like home, we work as a family and the colleagues are friendly. I have been working here for 6.5 years and saw the company grow”

Sakar Khatiwada is Web developer at Proshore, we interviewed him together with Software Developer, Sushant Shah. Sakar has been much longer with the company, whereas Sushant has been with us for 6 months.

What is your most important customer?

Sakar:” I have worked for our customer Meubeltaxi for 3 years, now I only work for them for a week in the month. For Meubeltaxi, I developed the whole IT-system: from requirements to analysis, front-end, and back-end. And all processes: from order to invoicing.”

“It was a fun project. I needed some help, but I did most of it alone. The client was also very cooperative; We moved our communication from Skype to Trello; It gave less confusion, and the process was better. In Trello, they could track everything that we were doing.”

I also built applications for Pluscloud, which delivers tools and services for customer contact. I had to make small applications, an extra plugin that will add features in the Zendesk dashboard. I also worked for Heineken. I made small applications for their export division.”

How long have you worked at Proshore?

Sakar: “I have been working at Proshore since I got my bachelor’s degree in Information Management. I have also done postgraduates in psychology and am now doing my master’s in business studies. I like to improve myself, but I also like to keep myself busy. I need a healthy stress level 😃”

My workday usually starts with going through the requirements, which is 2–3 days of work from the beginning. I look at what I should deliver that day and start with the work. My specialty is PHP and JavaScript. Sometimes I write in Trello or ask the customer on Skype when collaboration is needed. That is how my day goes. I enjoy it.”

Sushant Shah has been working at Proshore since February, he also has specific projects to work on: “I am working on Personal Fitness Nederland(A SaaS for Fitness Schools) and this month I will start a new project. After the design is ready, I can start developing.”

What study did you do before working at Proshore?

Sushant: “I completed my degree in computer science, and after that, I started working for a company as a developer. My specialties are PHP, Javascript, and Python. I studied in India on an international institute, a top university there.”

“My working day starts when I come in at 11.00. I have been assigned to Personal Fitness Nederland(PFN), so I start with what the client has sent me. I look at the requirements and make a plan. I then start my work. I try to work efficiently and communicate with my contact person in Personal Fitness Nederland(PFN) and my Dutch colleague Haico regularly. According to what he tells me, I make priorities and technical requirements.”

Sushant (first left) working on Personal Fitness Nederland(PFN)

“Proshore is a good company, it has a very good environment. I have seen a lot of IT companies, but this one is very well managed. Colleagues are great; we meet whenever we are free. In the 3–4 months, I have learned a lot. It was new for me to work for a dutch company and I had to learn how to communicate with a dutch client. But I enjoy working like this now”

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