Onboard or Outsource? How to recruit and retain the best tech talent

Anu Karki
Talent Acquisition Specialist

With a global shortage of top tech talent, in regions like Western Europe and the US, it can be almost impossible to find skilled developers on home soil. For startups and small software companies, luring passive candidates away from lucrative positions in big companies is simply not an option.

So in countries with a higher cost of living, the expense and scarcity of tech talent means companies have to look elsewhere for the expertise they need. The natural choice is to bring in remote offshore software developers. But should you recruit them in-house, or outsource development to an offshore company? In this blog post, we’ll help you to decide.

A remote-first industry 

Software development is a sector where the trend for remote working has proven popular with workers, and profitable with businesses. Whilst in other sectors, business leaders are busy devising strategies to encourage the workforce back to the office, software development remains a viable remote-first industry.  

There is a two-sided advantage to tapping into this remote workforce. Companies in countries with a higher cost of living can access a global market to find the right talent at a fraction of the cost. Simultaneously, developers in countries with a lower cost of living gain access to better pay rates by working remotely for a company in another country.

The challenge faced by software companies who outsource development offshore is how to ensure they get the right talent at the best price.  

Hire in-house or outsource offshore?

Any hiring decision has to be made based on your company’s unique needs. Sourcing, recruiting, onboarding, and training any new employee takes time and money. Whilst opening your doors to a global market broadens and deepens the available talent pool, it can also be a financial and administrative burden.  

If you hire remote developers in-house, you incur the same long-term costs as any other employee. This is further complicated by how to correctly onboard them to your company, and account for their pay and deductions in a way that’s compliant with employment regulations, and tax laws. If they’re based abroad, this can be time-consuming and challenging. Getting it wrong also carries financial and reputational risks.

By outsourcing to an offshore software development company, you pay a fixed fee, and everything related to recruitment, onboarding, and training is handled for you.  

The risks of recruiting remotely

Another viable option is to hire a freelance developer located in another part of the world. But the chances are you need a team. If not immediately, at some point in the future your operations will expand and your development needs will increase. With a solo freelancer, where do you go next? Hire more freelancers? Putting together a remote team made up of individual freelancers gets complicated quickly.

Whether you’re making remote in-house hires or contracting development out to remote developers, there are risks attached to both. Freelancers can be fickle. What if a better offer comes along? They might leave, and you’re left to pick up the pieces. Hiring in-house is also risky. What if it turns out you made the wrong hire? You might be stuck with an expensive mistake and a less-than-ideal development team. 

Bringing in a skilled and experienced development team from a reputable offshore software development company can mitigate these risks and more.

A hub of tech talent in Nepal

The beauty of using an offshore software development company is that they can assemble a team with the right expertise for your needs. Based in the Netherlands and Nepal, Proshore is perfectly positioned to connect software companies in the West with top tech talent in Nepal. 

We’re proud to be part of a promising IT outsourcing hub in Nepal, fuelled by a steady stream of well-educated IT professionals. Because we offer highly-skilled jobs with competitive rates of pay, working with Proshore is an attractive proposition for the best and brightest tech talent in Nepal. With Proshore, not only do software companies get the expertise they need when developers join our team they enjoy training opportunities and upskilling to put them on the path to becoming full-stack developers. But we don’t just employ new developers for their technical expertise alone.

At Proshore, we pride ourselves on having a positive, inclusive, and collaborative culture. Our developers need to be team players who have a positive mindset, and an ability to see the big picture. We value a willingness to learn and develop as just as important as having the prerequisite technical skills. So as part of our recruitment process, we provide feedback to every candidate after the first stage. So if they’re not successful the first time around, they have points for development to work on for the next time.

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