Teams as service

Full-Serviced Development Teams

The shortage of technical development talent in Western Europe makes local development costly and hard to scale. Remote development, on the other hand, seems like a challenging endeavour that’s difficult to manage….
Proshore delivers ready-to-go full serviced teams, without you having to worry about training, education or coaching. Our teams are well-coordinated, know the (Dutch) market and work together in our office in Kathmandu Nepal.

Multi- disciplinary teams

We attract highly motivated developers from all over the country and embed them into multi-disciplinary development teams consisting of developers, testers, designers, DevOps and Scrum masters. After doing this for over 10 years, we may proudly call ourselves a highly recommended work place in Nepal.

Lean and mean

We strongly believe in Agile methodologies to make progress. We like to work with Scrum and Kanban frameworks and tools like Atlassian Jira. Transparency and open communication make it possible to integrate smoothly with our customers.


Our preferred delivery model is the Teams as a Service model. This way we keep ownership of the management of our developers, the process and output of delivery such as the milestones and quality of deliverables.
We combine technical talent, extensive experience and entrepreneurship to build, train and coach your co-located development team in Nepal.
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