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Dedicated Development Team Model

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In the competitive world of software development, companies need every advantage they can get. Often this means finding the right talent with the right skills, for the right price. One solution is the dedicated development team model. 

This cost-effective approach to software development can be used to achieve a variety of business goals. It works for startups building an MVP, scale-ups increasing capacity, and enterprises outsourcing a specific aspect of development. 

Could the dedicated development team model work for your business? Find out below.

How the dedicated development team model works

The dedicated team model is an efficient and increasingly popular way of achieving software development goals without the need for expensive in-house hiring. It involves assembling a bespoke team of IT professionals to work exclusively on your product. There are 5 key aspects to working successfully with the dedicated team model:

  1. Project understanding: The dedicated team works closely with you to gain a deep understanding of your business requirements, goals, and objectives. This collaborative effort ensures that the team aligns its efforts with your vision.
  2. Direct communication: You have direct and transparent communication channels with the dedicated team. Regular updates, progress reports, and feedback sessions are integral to the process, ensuring your involvement and control.
  3. Flexibility and adaptability: The dedicated development model allows you to scale the team up or down based on evolving project needs. This flexibility means resources are aligned with the changing requirements of your project.
  4. Customized solutions: A ‘dedicated’ development team focuses exclusively on your software project. This means they can tailor solutions towards your specific needs. This results in a more personalized and effective software development process.
  5. Maintaining control: At all times, you retain control over project priorities, goals, and resource allocation. This is crucial for making sure development efforts align with your strategic objectives.

Services provided by a dedicated development team

The dedicated development team model works with a full range of software development and IT projects, depending on your chosen service provider. Here’s a list of popular services:

Team structure in a dedicated team model

What a dedicated team looks like depends on the project needs. Typically, it includes the following roles and responsibilities:

Project Manager

Oversees the entire project, ensuring adherence to schedule and budget, and serving as the main client liaison.

Team Leader

Guides the development team, makes technical decisions, and ensures alignment with best practices and goals.


Skilled programmers responsible for coding and implementing software solutions.


UI/UX designers creating visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces, collaborating with developers.​

Quality Assurance

Engineers responsible for testing software, identifying and resolving bugs, and ensuring product quality.

DevOps Engineers

Specialists in optimizing workflows, implementing automation, and managing infrastructure for efficiency.

Business Analysts

Collaborate with clients to understand requirements, translating them into functional specifications.

Scrum Master

Facilitates Scrum methodology, ensuring Agile principles are followed, and aiding problem-solving.

Maintenance & Support Specialists

Provide ongoing support, address issues, and ensure the continued functionality and security of deployed software.

Dedicated teams versus other development models

Dedicated development teams offer unique advantages over other development models.

Unlike ‘fixed-price’ models – where costs are predetermined based on a fixed scope – dedicated teams provide flexibility and scalability. Customers can easily adjust team sizes, accommodating changing project needs and ensuring the optimal use of resources. This adaptability proves invaluable for projects with evolving requirements or uncertain scopes.

Compared with a ‘time and materials’ model – where billing is based on actual time and resources invested – dedicated teams enhance transparency and cost predictability. The dedicated team model typically operates on a fixed or monthly budget, allowing clients to manage costs more effectively and plan budgets with greater confidence.

While ‘fixed-price’ and ‘time and materials’ models may suit well-defined projects, dedicated teams shine in scenarios where flexibility, collaboration, and adaptability are needed.

5 advantages to the dedicated team model

  1. Expertise: By assembling a team of skilled professionals exclusively focused on a single project, you benefit from the collective knowledge and experience of individuals with diverse skills, ensuring a high level of proficiency and competence in addressing complex development challenges.
  2. Cost-effectiveness: The predictable and transparent cost structure, often based on a monthly or fixed budget, allows you to efficiently manage financial resources. This approach minimizes unexpected expenses, providing clarity and control over the overall project expenditure.
  3. Faster project execution: The team works exclusively on your project, so you cut out the associated delays caused by multitasking on different projects. This focused commitment, combined with efficient communication channels, contributes to accelerated development timelines.
  4. Flexibility: You can easily scale the team up or down based on evolving project requirements. This adaptability enables a more dynamic response to changing needs, ensuring that the team’s composition matches the project’s evolving complexity and scope.
  5. Transparency: This allows you to enjoy clear and open communication channels with the team. Regular updates, progress reports, and ongoing involvement contribute to a shared understanding of project status, challenges, and accomplishments, enhancing overall project transparency.

5 disadvantages of dedicated dev teams

  1. Higher upfront costs: The dedicated model can sometimes have a higher upfront cost compared with fixed-price models.
  2. Limited control for fixed budgets: Companies with strict budgets may find it more challenging to control costs in the dedicated model.
  3. Less predictable timelines: Although highly adaptive to changes, the dedicated team model can create less predictable project timelines as the scope changes. 
  4. Potential over-staffing: During periods of low project activity, maintaining a dedicated team may result in potential over-staffing.
  5. Dependency on communication: Breakdowns in communication can hinder collaboration, leading to misunderstandings, and delays.

Top countries for dedicated teams

Many countries have a reputation for providing dedicated development teams. Here are four of the best-known:

India 🇮🇳

A major player in outsourcing with a large pool of skilled professionals, English proficiency, and cost-effective services.

Nepal 🇳🇵

An emerging destination for outsourcing, gaining recognition for a growing tech talent pool and cost-effective solutions.

Poland 🇵🇱

A strong education system and skilled developers make Poland an attractive destination for European companies.

Mexico 🇲🇽

Its proximity to the United States, a growing tech sector, and cultural affinity make Mexico an attractive choice for outsourcing.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of hiring a dedicated development team is based on project scope and complexity. Most dedicated team providers offer a personalized quote, free of cost when enquired. 

Similarly, at Proshore, our pricing is transparent and based on the scope, duration, and team structure required for your project. For reference, a minimum team of 3 with a Senior Laravel Developer, 1 Junior Laravel Developer, and a Scrum Master starts at 10,000 USD monthly.

Hiring a dedicated software development team is in demand due to its flexibility, scalability, and ability to provide specialized expertise. Customers can easily adjust team sizes, respond to evolving project needs, and benefit from a focused, collaborative approach to development.

Opt for a dedicated team model when you have a project with evolving requirements, you need flexibility in team scaling, or you require a team focused exclusively on your project. It’s particularly suitable for long-term projects or those with uncertain scope.

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