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Introduction to Offshore Laravel Developers

Offshore Laravel Developers are engineers and coders who specialize in Laravel PHP framework and are based in locations outside of the country where the client is based. While it is a form of outsourcing, offshore Laravel development differs from onshore and nearshore software development – each having its own pros and cons

However, many businesses choose to go offshore instead of outsourcing locally or to nearby tech hubs, as more often than not, “offshoring” allows for cost-effective development solutions. For popular tech like PHP and Laravel, which have strong communities worldwide, the cost advantage has almost no limitations related to technological expertise. 

Offshore Laravel developers can provide services ranging from custom Laravel web development and Laravel application development to many more Laravel-related services. They are skilled in utilizing the Laravel PHP framework to create robust, scalable, and feature-rich web applications tailored to meet the specific needs of their clients.

In today’s competitive landscape of web development, hiring offshore Laravel developers has become a strategic move for businesses.

Why hire offshore Laravel Developers?

Cost efficiency and savings

Hiring offshore Laravel developers from regions with lower costs of living allows companies to achieve significant cost savings without compromising on the quality of development work.

Similarly, many offshore development companies also offer scalability options, allowing companies to scale their development teams based on project requirements, ensuring efficient resource utilization.

Access to a global talent pool and specialized skills

Offshore development provides access to a diverse and global talent pool, enabling companies to tap into specialized skills and expertise that are crucial to the project but may not be readily available locally. 

Additionally, the diversity in offshore teams can foster innovation and introduce fresh ideas to problem-solving and the development process, contributing to the overall quality of the project.

Faster time-to-market

Access to experienced Laravel Developers suited to the project requirements enables continuous development cycles and delivery, accelerating project completion. Working with developers or teams in different time zones can also allow for 24/7 round-the-clock development.

Focus on core business functions

Outsourcing Laravel development enables companies to focus on core business functions, strategic planning, and innovation while leaving technical development to offshore experts.

By hiring offshore Laravel developers, companies can harness these benefits to create efficient, cost-effective, and successful web development projects. The combination of global talent, scalability, and cost efficiency positions offshore development as a strategic choice for companies looking to achieve their development goals. 

The advantages of offshore software development are numerous, and Proshore stands out as a reliable partner in this journey.

Laravel Developers from Proshore


Years of experience in Laravel


Pre-vetted talent pool


Offshore Laravel devs ready to code

Established in 2009, Proshore is synonymous with being a PHP development company even though we have added much more technologies and tools to our tech stack. When Laravel was introduced in 2011, we took less to no time to adopt and train our developers in the “PHP framework for Web Artisans”.  

Today, Proshore offers a number of specialized Laravel development services or even customized services according to project needs – fulfilled by our seasoned Laravel experts.

Hire a seasoned offshore Laravel Developer

Choose an experienced self-managed Laravel Developer that matches the project requirements.

Hire a dedicated offshore Laravel development team

Onboard an agile offshore team well-versed in Laravel to bring the most out of the project at hand.

Proshore’s Laravel Tech Stack


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Why choose offshore Laravel Devs from Proshore?

How are our Laravel Developers different?

Along with nearly a decade of experience in Laravel and delivering projects built with the tech, Proshore sets itself apart through,

  1. Experienced Laravel Developers: Many of our seasoned Laravel experts have as much experience as our offshore development company.
  2. Agile approach: Along with being an early adopter of Laravel, Proshore is also an early adopter of the agile methodology. Through Scrum, we ensure client projects run smoothly and efficiently. Our Scrum Masters remove the need for micro-management while turning outsourced personnel into extensions of the client’s team.
  3. Ready-to-code dev/team: Our developers are trained and pre-vetted to hit the ground running, decreasing onboarding times and allowing us to provide a 60-day trial period.

Realize the benefits of hiring offshore developers

Cost efficiency and savings

All our developers and dedicated teams are based in Nepal. The fast-rising tech hub in Kathmandu, Nepal, provides the necessary infrastructure for our skilled developers to provide their expertise to clients worldwide. The low cost of living and foreign exchange value also means that our offshore rates of Laravel development are one of the lowest in South Asia, especially compared to our Western counterparts.

Access to a global talent pool and specialized skills

With a talent pool of 4k+ developers, Proshore provides access to a diverse and relatively untapped talent pool with specialized skills and expertise as per demand. Additionally, Proshore takes care of all the recruiting, hiring, HR paperwork, and even training – clients only need to convey their requirements!

Faster time-to-market

Be it self-managed Laravel Developers or well-rounded dedicated Laravel development teams – through Scrum, Proshore can onboard projects quickly, ensure continuous development, and provide delivery within time-to-market. Nepal’s timezone (GMT+5:45) is also set up perfectly to provide round-the-clock development to clients in the US, EU, or AUS.

Focus on core business functions

Our scrum masters handle the offshore Laravel developers to make them extensions of the client’s team. From problem-solving and escalation to turnover, everything is taken care of for you. Many of our clients have felt at ease with leaving the development responsibilities to us so that they can focus on business development and growth.

Process of hiring offshore devs from Proshore

You can get started with offshore development from Proshore in 5 easy steps,

Get a customized plan that addresses your challenges

Jeroen and the team analyse your challenges to come up with a customized plan and proposal based on what you need.

Meet your new team

Your plan covers setting up team roles and tasks. Babish, our CTO, assembles the best team available from our talent pool and shares it with you for approval.

2-month trial period

Test your team’s output during a 60-day trial period. Not happy with someone? We work with you to replace them at no extra cost.

Expand or scale down

Add new talent to your team or scale down based on your goals and roadmap. No recruiting, hiring or HR paperwork.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When hiring offshore Laravel developers, it’s crucial to consider a set of skills that ensure the successful execution of your web development projects. Here are key skills to evaluate:

  1. Laravel Proficiency and PHP Expertise: Ensure developers have a strong command of Laravel, demonstrating proficiency in its features and PHP syntax.
  2. Database Management and Front-End Technologies: Assess skills in database management, particularly MySQL and PostgreSQL, along with knowledge of front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  3. RESTful API Development and Version Control (Git): Look for experience in designing and developing RESTful APIs and proficiency in using version control systems, especially Git.
  4. MVC Architecture Understanding and Testing Skills: Evaluate understanding of the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern, and proficiency in testing methodologies, including PHPUnit.
  5. Security Best Practices and Effective Communication: Prioritize knowledge of Laravel’s security features, and ensure effective communication skills, as offshore developers need to collaborate seamlessly with the client and the development team.

Evaluating candidates based on these skills ensures that you hire offshore Laravel developers capable of delivering high-quality, scalable, and secure web applications aligned with your business goals.

The cost of hiring offshore Laravel Developers depends on several factors related to their development rates, country/region, and the complexity of your project. 

To ensure added benefits like scalability and security, you can employ a Laravel development company like Proshore to take care of the hiring. To give you an insight, Proshore provides pre-trained and managed Laravel developers starting from USD 3000* monthly.

It only takes a 15-minute call to get started with the process of hiring Laravel developers from Proshore. While there are a lot of mutual factors in play when onboarding a project, you can start and test our offshore development options within our 60-day trial period.

Effectively managing offshore developers is crucial for the success of your projects. Here are key strategies to ensure seamless collaboration and productivity:

  1. Establish Clear Communication: Set up transparent communication channels using project management tools and regular virtual meetings. Clearly define project objectives and provide detailed documentation for a comprehensive understanding.
  2. Dedicated Project Manager: Appoint a dedicated project manager to facilitate communication, bridge gaps, and ensure alignment between offshore and in-house teams. This manager serves as a central point of contact for both sides.
  3. Agile Methodologies and Time Zone Considerations: Adopt agile methodologies for iterative development, incorporating regular updates and progress tracking. Be mindful of time zone differences and establish overlapping work hours for real-time collaboration.
  4. Provide Access and Encourage Team Building: Ensure offshore developers have access to necessary tools and infrastructure. Organize virtual team-building activities to foster a positive work culture and strengthen the bond between teams.
  5. Feedback Mechanism and Periodic Onsite Visits: Implement a regular feedback mechanism, including performance reviews and continuous improvement. If feasible, consider occasional onsite visits to enhance relationships and clarify expectations through face-to-face interactions.

With Proshore and our well-versed agile team, you don’t need to take care of the offshore developers you hire – let us handle the recruiting and HR hassles while you focus on growing your business.

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