Save yourself the hassle of finding and building an expensive team of technical talents. Proshore delivers fully operational, high performing agile development teams. Ready to realise your technical ambitions.

Speed up go-to-market

Cut down your time-to-market by half with an extended team that needs minimal onboarding and training time.

Grow your team with skilled developers

Attract developers who can code like the best and want to stay with you for the long-term.

Increase productivity without micromanaging

Get a self-managed time to free up hours of your month replying to Jira and Slack messages.

Cut down on your development costs

Build a team of A-list talent while cutting down your payroll costs by up to 50%.

Interested in our solutions?

Jeroen van der Horst

Interested in our solutions?

The best part of working together is growing together: your business, our professional skill and the Nepalese talents for which we aim to create good jobs.